Friday, March 26, 2010

Rava Kesari

Rava (semolina) – 250 gms
Condensed milk (Milkmaid) – 1 tin
Ghee (Clarified butter) – ¾ - 1 cup
Water – 4 cups (600ml)
Cashew nuts – as needed (optional)
Raisins – as needed (optional)
Saffron/yellow food color – 1 pinch (optional)

Heat ghee in a pan, and sauté the cashew nuts and raisins until they turn brown. Remove and keep aside.
In the remaining ghee, sauté the rava until it turns light brown.
In the water, mix the saffron/food color and add it to the rava. When the water is absorbed fully, add the condensed milk. Stir continuously until the mixture starts coming off the sides of the pan. Take off the stove.
Transfer the mixture to a plate greased with ghee. When it cools, cut into small diamond-shaped pieces. Decorate with cashew nuts and raisins.

1. If you want your kesari to be very sweet, you can mix sugar in the water you add to the rava.
2. You can also add cardamom powder to flavor the kesari. We haven’t.

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